Financial Tips and Tricks

Financial Tips and Tricks


Keep your monthly expenses below your monthly income and you will always be cash flow positive.

Use cash when you can, but make sure to build up your credit worthiness for big tickets items like a mortgage or automobile. Remember, pay off your credit card bill each month and never let it accumulate.

Pay yourself first is an old adage that means you should save something for the future, instead of just paying for today. Consider setting up automatic payroll deductions through your employer retirement plan or automatic investing from your bank into an individual or Roth IRA.

Be a good shopper on everything! You will reap the benefits of a good deal, if you have done your homework and some comparison shopping.

Don’t forget to set up a monthly budget and stick with it. Get in the habit of planning your expenditures; it will help make sure you stay on budget.

Maintain an emergency account to cover at least 3 months of expenses. Make sure it is easy to access and low in fees. Don’t expect to make much interest on it. Just know that it is there when you need it. Oh, and make sure it really is an emergency when you tap into it—not just a new gift for yourself or a vacation.

Wealth and Wellness Podcast by Robert Hesslink, Jr.